(60Hz/60fps) Windy Landscape 100% ON STREAM! [INSANE DEMON] by WOOGI1411 | Geometry Dash 2.1

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Well this is my fifth completed Insane Demon xD
It seems to me an Insane Demon quite easy, I could beat it despite the lag that Streamlabs gave me (program that I use to do streams) and the delay of my mouse when clicking. As I said in the video, I am currently playing with an old mouse, it's quite uncomfortable and small. The mouse I had before started to fail, double-clicking instead of one and releasing while I holding, luckily it has a guarantee, I'll see if it can be fixed ;(
By the way, I highly recommend this Insane Demon, I just found the 0% - 30% a little difficult, the rest is easy :^


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