"Absolute Zero" (Demon) by ToastLord | Geometry Dash 2.11

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A few months ago I uploaded Red Haze by what I called an unknown creator, ToastLord, but after this, I don't think that description fits anymore. Once again, he's proven to make a really cool design level. I like how he went for a set color scheme all the way through for this too, just like he did with red and orange for Red Haze. There are a lot of effects and pulses, some in slight blue and green too, scattered throughout the level, making it interesting despite being mostly grayscale. I gotta say that some of the drop parts go a bit too hard with the amount of decoration and effects, making it difficult to see what you gotta do and what's an obstacle or not. Everything blends together because of the very similar colors between foreground and background, forcing you to memorize the gameplay. That's not a big issue, though, but it does make the level more memory based than it could have been. This should be an Epic Medium Demon!

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Game (version): Geometry Dash ()
Level: Absolute Zero by ToastLord
ID: 62434757
Music: Aura by Creo

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