Actually Explaining: RPG Maker Mapping Tips

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Since mapping is what I enjoy most in RPG Maker I've heard my fair share of tips about it. However, often when I was starting out I still felt lost because the advice given was poorly explained. So, today I thought I'd take a stab at actually explaining and diving deep into some RPG Maker mapping tips I've heard throughout the years!

Background lofi music covers "borrowed" from Kijugo:
(This guy actually makes some fire beats)

00:00​ Intro
01:37​ "Your Map is Too Boxy"
05:21​ Bonus Tip: Modifying Tilesets
06:50​ "You Need More Elevation"
09:41​ Tip: Nature Isn't Uniform
10:25​ Tip: Make The RTP Your Own
11:18​ End

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