Barstool Blogger Rone Eviscerates Opponent in Major Rap Battle - Stool Scenes 237

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-Take a look behind the scenes as Rone prepares for his King of the Dot rap battle against Corey Charron. Watching Rone get ready to verbally ruin this guy in a battle is truly a thing of beauty. Now we can’t show the entire battle but even seeing Rone practice and put it into existence is honestly some of the coolest footage I’ve seen during my time at Barstool.

-Stu was in another stratosphere with how high he was for this week’s advisors show.

-Rico does a couple walkouts during Pick ‘Em. He ended up coming back to finish the show but some things are bigger than sports. RICO RYDERS UNITE

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Do some beers this weekend in my honor.


Dana B

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