BTD6 Race - Guide / Tutorial (No Pain No Gain)

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This is my strategy for this week's race.
Bloons TD 6 Race - (No Pain No Gain) In 2:00
btd6 race No Pain No Gain

The limited time only Items will be gone soon . They will disappear when the Easter event is over. So hurry up and don't waste time!!
You can earn trophies from the odyssey and race events.
Beat odyssey on hard mode and finish as fast as possible on a race

If you don't have the required Monkey Knowledge points or if you want a easier race strategy. Then you might want to watch my Mobile Friendly Race video:

Strategy based off Nona and NoobSimulator


Written Guide:
Dart 310 (on Last)
Round 5
After his first shot. Round 10
Dart 320
on 8 Seconds - Round 14
180 Gold - Round 20
Tack Shooter
180 Gold - Sell Dart
Tack 030 - 130
Round 24
Tack 230
Round 27
Round 35
Bomb 002 (on Last)
Bomb 003
Round 39
Bomb 203
Hero (Jones)
Round 49
1100 Gold - Sell Tack Shooter
Bomb 204
Round 59
Sub 300
Bomb 203 - 204
Round 60
Alc 300
Tack Shooter 204
Alc 420
Ace 300
Druid 030
Good Game!
Let me know your time!!!

TheFatRat - Epic

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