BTD6 Race ????Mobile Friendly???? (Patience) (Guide / Tutorial)

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This is my Mobile Friendly bloons td 6 race tutorial.
I use No Monkey Knowledge so all of you can keep up.
I tried to make it as safe as possible so you can copy this race strategy easily.
good luck this race!

If you think you can handle a faster strategy. Then you might want to watch my other btd6 race tutorial:

Bloons TD 6 Race - (Patience) In 3:24
btd6 race Patience

Written Guide:
Tack Shooter 001
Round 4
Tack Shooter 002
Round 7
Place Tack Shooter 020
Round 10
Around 120+ Gold. Sell 002 tack shooter
Upgrade other Tack to 130
Round 12
Tack 230
Round 15
Round 17
Boomer 200
700 Gold Round 20
Boomer 300
Round 27
Boomer 302
Round 30
Boomer 402
Round 39
Sub 420
Round 49 (or upgrade bomb first)
Bomb 204
Round 50
Alchemist 401 (next to boomerang)
3x Snipers 302

Good Game.
Let me know your time!!!


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