Code: Pony (Equestria Dude Virtualization)

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Requested by Micro Blast. They wanted Spitfire too, but I have something in mind that I hope to try for

Files used:
Smirky Rainbow Dash by speedox12
Soarin Flash Puppet Rig FV by Ponies-in-Reverse
Soarin' High (Soarin's Theme) by The Ardent Moon
Request: 3D4D Part3 (end) by OwletBrigthness
Equestria Girls: Flurry Heart by JustSomePainter11
Soarin Equestria Girl by Toutax
Soarin' Cutie Mark (2014) by ChainChomp2
Rainbow Dash sitting by FamousMari5

Screenshots (edited/ripped) of cards and programs were taken from IFSCL.

Code Lyoko is owned by MoonScoop and MLP is owned by Hasbro.
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