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New temporary event is out, the 3rd annual Chinese new year celebration.

As for the event itself, you first need to obtain a Golden Belt from befriending or killing a Pig. You don't
have to be the one to kill the pig, which means that you can start a civil battle amongst the pigs and get a
decent number of belts. The prefab name for the belt is "pig_token," if you want to spawn some in and try
the event out for free. Upon giving a belt to the Pig King, the event will start, and 4 beefed-up pigs will
jump out. During the event, the player must pick up Signs and smack the pigs over the head before the
pigs do so to the player. Getting hit by a sign will send the player back, stun them, drop thir currently
equipped item as well as any lucky nuggets they have in their inventory. These attacks, however, don't
do any damage. The Pig King will also occasionally throw out Lucky Gold Nuggets, which the player can
pick up, else the Pigs will grab them. The fight can be cheesed by using a panflute, one of which can be
grabbed from Glommer's statue, to put the pigs to sleep when the Pig King throws out a round of items.
Any onlooking pigs will berate you and call you out for cheating, and doing this appears to affect the
amount of lucky nuggets you receive. Building cobblestone turf and using a Walking Cane, as well as
any character-specific speed modifiers is highly recommended, as this will make dodging attacks and
collecting items far easier. The main reward from the event is Lucky Gold Nuggets, which can be used at
the new Pig Shrine. The best way to get maximum amounts of gold nuggets appears to be dodging the
attacks with speed boosts, as this ended up with me getting 2 packages with 4 nuggets in. Getting the
pigs to hit other pigs with signs also appears to have a large positive effect on the rewards.
A Pig King Shrine can be crafted for 2 boards and 8 gold, and is available from the beginning. Once the
shrine is built, place 1 raw or cooked bigmeat on the altar. This will unlock a few unique crafting recipes
which you can obtain via a lucky gold nugget offering. Some items from previous years will be available,

including the Lucky Beast costume, the lantern and the firecrackers. The year of the varg and gobbler-
specific items will not be available. The unique items available from the shrine are some Fish heads on a

stick, which restores a decent amount of hunger and a small amount of health, the Pig King tribute roast,
which restores a large amount of hunger and a small amount of health, and the Eight Treasure Mud pie,
which cannot be eaten but can be fed to pigs in order to befriend them.
That's pretty much all there is to this event. Thanks to snewythe24th for appearing in the 2 player bit,
they have a channel that exists, thanks for watching, see ya next time.

????Like if you liked the video, that's why it's called a like????

★Font Used: Bebas Neue by Dharma Type★

♫Music Used: ♫
♫Divinity: Original Sin 2 OST - Tavern Fight♫
♫Deltarune OST: Rude Buster♫


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