HALLOWEEN!!???? Roblox Games Live!

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⌨️ Commands:
!age - shows Tommy's real life age
!birthday - counts down to channel birthday
!chocolate - shares some chocolate with everyone!
!cookie - shares a cookie with everyone!
!dab - join the dabbers!
!dabpolice - join the dab police!
!group - shows the ROBLOX group
!name - shows Tommy's ROBLOX name
!pirate - counts down to the official Talk Like a Pirate day!
To join your favourite fruit tribe, type !appletribe/!kiwitribe/!bananatribe/!strawberrytribe/!orangetribe
If you have a good idea for a new command, be sure to tell me!

∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘- Livestream Rules-∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘
⛔️ Don't spread negativity or hate!
⛔️ If it feels like you shouldn't be saying/doing it, then don't.
⛔️ This is a family-friendly stream, so please don't swear or call names. This includes abbreviations ( 'lmao') and memes.
⛔️ No advertising other people's streams, channels, etc.
⛔️ Don't try to make people press Alt+F4, which closes their screen/game.
⛔️ No spam


???? The music is from this playlist that I put together-

-and contains music from the NCS channel, and artists such as Elektronomia, Boesgaard and HolFix.

Derek & Brandon Fiechter:
Kevin MacLeod:
Myth of Unity:

Channel art by Stefan Moek.
This includes things like the colourful backgrounds, banners, letters and much more!

∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘-Disclaimers & ∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘
❗️❓ I can't add friends in ROBLOX unless it's for a video or livesream! Instead, join my group which is for friends too! Also, you can always join me if I'm playing, even if we're not ROBLOX friends!
❗️❓ If you consider this video clickbait or misleading, please let me know because that is never my intention.
❗️❓ I have no obligation to put anyone in a video, regardless of how long we've known eachother.
❗️❓ I use OBS to record and Sony Vegas to edit my videos.
❗️❓ I can't read all chat, because it's so fast. Please don't say you're getting ignored, I try hard to read it all!

#ROBLOX #Buildosaurus
△⚪✕◻ Game on!

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