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In this video, I will show what is in the new in the Halloween Update / Event in The Wild West on Roblox. I will show you all the Halloween items and how to get them. There are a few items added in the new Halloween Update. A new undead horse aka skeleton horse, a Wendigo that drops Wendigo Holsters, new pumpkin and plague doctor masks, and a ghost train.

First, to get the Skeleton horse, you need raw meat. Then, you go to the Buried Library. Go down into the Buried Library untill you see the room with symbols and a hole with a portal / orb. Jump into the orb with raw meant and you will find yourself in The Forset of Bones. You need to kill the undead horses to get parts of a horse. You need 5 parts, skull, body, leg, shoulder, and thighs. Now what you need to do is place the offering / deliver the remains on the table back at the Buried Library. Now you will have the Skeleton Horse. However, you can't use the Skeleton Horse during the day.

Next, the Wendigo, The Wendigo spawns randomly around the map at night. The server will send a message saying there is a Wendigo. You need to kill the Wendigo for the Wendigo Holsters. The Wendigo Holsters are limited.

Another thing is the plague doctor and pumpkin masks. To get them you need bones, to get bones you need to kill animals. the plague doctor and pumpkin masks cost 25 bones each. When you have enough, go to the Buried Library and talk to the guy next to the portal area.

Lasty, there is a new Ghost train that spawns randomly during the Halloween Event.

If I missed anything on this update please let me know in the comments.

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What is The Wild West? The Wild West is a very fun open-world game on Roblox. The Wild West has some similar aspects to Red Dead Redemption 2.
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