I am Robot-7: New Animation Series TRAILER | Time doesn't wait [WildCraft] | By Sarah Panda

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I am Robot-7 is a new upcoming series that I have been working on for half a year.

It is set in the year 3999 and deals with climate change, how more and more species go extinct, until the wolves find a way to transform themselves and travel back in As Robots are made of metal, fire cannot kill them.

Quinn is the main character and you will accompany her on her mission into the past, the year 3992. There she will also see Cún again, who died in that same year she travels to. She wants to change the past and prevent his death day. Can she really manage to save him?

A Series directed by Sarah Panda and produced by:
zImagination & Jaydeequill

Featuring Voice: Wildwarrior_Kaya

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