I Was a Christian… With a DEMON!

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Rodney Hogue was a with a demon! Yes, you read that right!
▶▶Liberated and Beyond [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Liberated and Beyond [Digital Download]:

Rodney Hogue asks, “How would you live if you were free of every stronghold in your life?” Big or small, you will want to find out!

Rodney Hogue was a pastor with a demon.
The son of a pastor and pastor himself, Rodney Hogue didn’t believe that believers could be oppressed by demons…until the Holy Spirit revealed that he was being oppressed by a spirit.

Rodney commanded the spirit to leave in Jesus’ name. To his even greater surprise, it did! That kindled a fire to see others recognize oppressive spirits and get free. For good!

In his new book, Liberated, Rodney Hogue offers powerful tools for recognizing and defeating enemy interference through the Holy Spirit’s power. That means how to—

• Operate in your jurisdiction of spiritual authority
• Recognize signs of oppression
• Identify any open doors giving access
• Confidently deal with spirits when they act up
• Step-by-step, minister to yourself or others
• Rebuild broken areas after deliverance

Demonic presence is often overlooked as merely a bad habit or something that “runs in the family.” Rodney says you can live with moods and negativity—or you can press the reset button. His 3-CD/audio series, Jumpstart, shows you • the power of words and agreement • the power of forgiveness • the role of generational blessings and curses. His teaching includes the “fear bond”—what it is and how to break it.

Rodney simply says Jesus wants you free. You can start today!

Dr. Rodney Hogue has been in full-time ministry since 1977, including over 32 years as a pastor. He now equips believers to demonstrate the Kingdom of God with power.

▶▶Liberated and Beyond [Book & 4 CDs]:
▶▶Liberated and Beyond [Digital Download]:

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