Mario Party 7 Game Episode 9-Pyramid Park Revisit (4-Team Battle)

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Out of all 4 Team Battle Episodes, I have to say this was the TOUGHEST of them all. This was quite a super hard fight. Good stuff.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: I wanted to not show the "minigame explanation screen." Just a heads up that you won't see it.

Here are my "Mario Party 7" videos. I'm playing with one character throughout the whole game and not doing any of that "switchin stuff." People have asked me a long time ago as a request to make these. To those who did, I haven't forgotten ya lol. There are a total of 14 episodes. It only took me 10 days total to record all 14 episodes. I'm playing in the "Solo Mode."

It was fun touching back on my childhood memories and playing this again and I hope it touches you all too. Hope you enjoy.

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