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The realm of #Ninjago is in desperate need of heroes. Throughout the ages, many of stepped forward to claim the title of hero. Todays heroes are no exception, so lets meet them.

0:03 | Jay: The Elemental Master of lightening and first of the ninjas to master the art of Spinjitzu. He's also appeared in more episodes than any other ninja thus far. Last name is Jay Walker.

0:27 | Zane: The Elemental Master of Ice and the creation of his inventory/father Dr. Julien. While he may be an android, his biggest fear is losing his humanity. He's also the first ninja to unlock his True Potential.

0:52 | Cole: The Elemental Master of Earth and absolutely loves the color orange. Cole also studied dance in school but ran away shortly after enrolling. Cole enjoys rock climbing, drawing, and cooking.

1:12 | Nya: The Elemental Master of Water and was originally left off the Ninjago team so created the alter ego of Samurai X. She's also the only 'official ninja' that controls a secondary element. Nya actually learned Airjitzu before Spinjitzu, as well.

1:28 | Kai: The Elemental Master of Fire and former blacksmith of the Four Weapons shop. Kai isn't a big believer in technology but does enjoy gaming when available. Is especially close with Lloyd, who he considers to be his little brother.

1:53 | Lloyd: The Elemental Master of Energy and is the son of Garmadon & Misako. Lloyd was kicked out of Darkley's Boarding School as a young child. Lloyd's original dominant element was lightning, before becoming the Elemental Master of Energy.

Our brave NINJAGO heroes are ready to save the day!

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