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Hey, guys! Today Kylene want to share with you her sad story.
"My family is rich. My dad runs his own business. He has a travel agencies network. My mom stays at home. She is responsible for my education. She’s cool, loving and understanding. We were always together with her, like best friends. And dad was our knight and defender – he protected us from all the problems. That’s what mom said.
We live in our own house. It has more rooms than people. I used to play a lot there – I could hide on the third floor, and my parents would spend hours, looking for me. Especially I liked to move from place to place and blow the whistle to help them find me. Just shouting or clapping was not an option in this case. I could scream for a long time, but nobody would hear me from the first floor.
Obviously, my mom felt bored alone. At first, dad offered her to find a job or even start some business, but she said she had no talent for business and she didn’t want to work. So she refused. Later we wanted to give her a dog or a cat, but it turned out I was allergic to animals. Plus, my parents didn’t want another baby. So, my mom started trying different hobbies.
She managed to master cooking for a short time, but she quickly gave it up because she gained weight. Besides, our cook got angry when someone else was in her kitchen. Later she tried sewing blankets, drawing and even clay-sculpting, but she quickly gave up again. She still was bored. One day mom was just surfing the net. And that’s how it all started.
At first it was very funny. My mom took pictures in different clothes, wrote short posts, shot videos about makeup and all sorts of women's things. Sometimes my dad and I helped her with shooting – we didn’t like it a lot, but we could stand endless fitting and photo shoots just for the sake of her. My mom started getting subscribers and comments.
And then came the fame. People began to order ads in my mom’s blog. Companies sent her their products for her reviews. Even my dad advertised his travel agencies a couple of times. He paid her with Europe weekend trips. These days they hired a babysitter to look after me. They always came back happy and satisfied. My mom began to earn good money. My dad joked he was going to quit his business and become a housewife.
Mom took pictures of everything she saw! Beautiful places, food, people, me and my At some point, I felt myself not like her daughter, but just a model.
Dad felt angry and offended too. Because all these weekend trips to Europe turned into a bunch of mandatory rituals. Photos at the airport, in the plane, at every beautiful spot, in cafés, near castles or cathedrals, and the main thing – everywhere he had to smile and be «a loving husband». Once I even overheard them arguing in their room, after coming back from a trip. Dad said he was tired of pretending «a loving husband». As if they didn't love each other anymore.
I got bad at school and started troublemaking. I really didn’t want it, but when my parents scolded me, at least it was a personal communication. Not via social media. Then I had a conversation with a school psychologist. I ceased troublemaking at school. But I still saw no way out. What I really saw was that dad moved to sleep from their bedroom to his study. And mom filled out the divorce papers.
Dad said they are getting divorced, but it's not my fault. He offered me a choice: he or mom. I chose him. Of course, mom was offended, but not much. However, the judge didn’t ban her to communicate with us. Besides, she seemed to live much better on her own. Later I checked her account. She went to India «in search of enlightenment» after the divorce".
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