Power:ON, Game:ON | Challenge Yourself With The New Canyon E-MTB Line-Up 2021

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Power:ON, Game:ON. Here’s to an electric 2021: introducing Canyon’s new range of e-mountain bikes.

We’re proud to announce that, as of today, the Canyon e-MTB range features a range of bikes covering the needs of any off-road rider. From all-rounders like the Grand Canyon:ON e-hardtail and Neuron:ON e-full-suspension bike, to the Spectral:ON e-trail bike and Torque:ON e-gravity bike with its plush, long-travel suspension – all of our e-MTBs deliver incredible handling and a range of innovative features.

You need more than just a good motor to make a good e-MTB – so during the development process, we focused on creating bikes with outstanding handling and first-class suspension designs. And once we’d achieved these goals, we combined them with the reliable, impressive power of Shimano’s EP8 drive system. And the result speaks for itself. E-MTBs on the cutting edge of technology and development, for any style of riding and for riders of all levels: from beginners to downhill pros. Now everyone can ride further and ride more trails in less time than ever.

Want to know just what Canyon e-MTBs are capable of? Then check out the video. We sent brand-new e-MTBs out to our riders in advance and set them a challenge.

The challenges were as diverse as the bikes that the riders took them on. Find out how they got on in the video.

Tahnée Seagrave feat. Spectral:ON. ‘Power hour’: ride as many turns as possible in one hour.
Find the Spectral:ON here:

KC Deane feat. Neuron:ON. ‘Get lost’: climb and descend as many metres as you can before breakfast.
Find the Neuron:ON here:

Ken Roczen feat. Spectral:ON. ‘The perfect 1-hour shred’: how far can you get in an hour?
Find the Spectral:ON here:

Kaos Seagrave feat. Torque:ON. ‘Power hour’: how many jumps can you do in Revolution bike park in an hour?
Find the Torque:ON here:

Rupert Fowler feat. Grand Canyon:ON. ‘Freedom challenge’: capture the sunrise.
Find the Grand Canyon:ON here:

How do you push the boundaries on your e-MTB? Let us know!

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