Qatar Airways Unbanned From Saudi Arabia - Shorter Flights Coming Soon

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The majority of Qatar Airways’ flights are about to become shorter thanks to Saudi Arabia ending its ban on Qatari registered aircraft. This video covers the aviation perspective of Saudi Arabia and Qatar's upcoming agreement

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In 2017, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates imposed major restrictions on Qatar, which included banning Qatar’s aircraft.

This forced Qatar Airways to reroute its flights. For example, this Qatar flight from Lagos to Doha has to reroute north of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, Qatar Airways was forced to suspend all flights to the four countries which included destinations like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, and Cairo.

Qatar Airways obviously was not happy about this blockade. In July 2020, the airline announced it would seek $5 Billion in compensation from the four countries.

However, this week is expected to mark the end of the airspace ban on Qatar Airways. The Saudi Crown Prince and the Emir of Qatar are set to sign an agreement that will end the blockade.

Depending on the Qatar Airways route, this may decrease flight time by up to two hours, which will be beneficial to most passengers.

As of now, Egypt will also open its airspace to Qatar. The UAE and Bahrain are also expected to come to an agreement with Qatar.

This would be beneficial to the airlines based in the four countries as they would be able to relaunch flights to Qatar. Emirates notably used the Airbus A380 on flights from Dubai to Doha

As for Qatar Airways, this represents a massive win for them. They’ll be able to create a more profitable network thanks to ending the blockade.


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