Royale Delivery is Royally BROKEN! 6800-7000???? w/ Hog Rider

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6800-7000 Ladder Push with Hog EQ in #ClashRoyale | Vulkan Gaming
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In this video I push from 6800 to 7000 trophies with hog earthquake. This is episode 10,009,233 of my top ladder series. Bomb tower and inferno tower are interchangeable. Use whichever you like more. Enjoy.

Hi, my name is Isaac aka Vulkan. I am was a contracted CRL pro who competed in the official Clash Royale League. My top 3 accomplishments include #1 in Kings Cup 2 and ranking top 4 in 1v1 win rate season 1 and 2 of CRL. I retired from CRL to focus on YouTube and school in hopes to live a more balanced life. In this channel, I showcase the best decks and the best strategies to play the decks from the knowledge I've learned from studying the game for 4 years. My goal is to provide anyone who wants to improve with the resources they need to learn Clash Royale. Clash on.

Twitter/ Instagram @vulkanirl

DM me on facebook saying "nacho" if you want to spectate me in the game and I will add you as a facebook friend since I connect my facebook account to my Clash Royale account:

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I store all of my strategy notes and decks in this discord server.

Business email: vulkan@

Intro Song: Paveł & Helucze - To The Top[Concordia Recordings]


#HogRider #TopLadder
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