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Another entry for a contest XD was rushed ngl wdfhwufh but heres my interpretation of the behavior of the community. And talking in all honesty all characters r great as long as ur having fun or ur good at it. The point of this vid was to show 4 OP characters and 4 "garbage" characters. But then i involved 2 hunters, Geisha and Ripper, as in if this was 8v2 things r way different- Coord being useless now and Gardener isnt so bad in 8v2. Different situation different strength

The point is basically theres no such thing as garbage characters, just play for fun and keep in mind its just a game!- (unless ofc ur in rank and people troll u by using gardener or smth then thats another story xdd)






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Time taken: 5 days
Characters: Seer (Eli Clark), Perfumer (Vera Nair), Coordinator (Martha Behamfil), Mercenary (Naib Subedar), Gardener (Emma Woods), Lawyer (Freddy Riley), Lucky Guy, Wildling (Murro), Geisha (Michiko), The Ripper (Jack)
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