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Right after the new 2020 expansion pack, eco lifestyle, no announcements at ea play, and a nifty knitting stuff pack deep dive update, the addition of baby clothes coming to the game stirred rumors-- that sims 4 could finally be getting better babies and that babies would no longer be objects. While sim guru sarah put to rest rumors about a baby update for sims 4, her wording didn't shut out the possibility entirely--and stirred up a debate about everyone's wishlist for sims 4.

From improved babies to if new packs, like a royalty or farm pack or teen and elder updates and packs would be more worthwhile, now is a good time to discuss what we want in the sims 4 for 2020 and beyond. We do have a sims 4 timeline for 2020, with the new expansion pack already released, the stuff pack on the way, and a mysterious, yet to be announced gamepack.

We've certainly already had some interesting updates--from firefighters, ladders, and repo man to a very colorful mac makeup collection. What comes next, what does it mean for sims 4, and why are so many still looking forward to sims 5?
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