Sims styled choosing an outfit | how to put together outfits

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Sims styled choosing an outfit
In this video I choose an outfit to wear but in the style as if I was in a sims game- although we all might be in a very advanced version of sims;) who knows?? Crazy
The sims in real life
But this is a video/ console/ computer game styled lookbook / outfit of the day. I love playing sims and thought why not try using my greenscreen and going into the game myself. It is very ‘choose your fighter’ / street fighter vibes. I was also thinking along the lines of the gta, saints row, animal crossing and far cry changing rooms. The Lookbook game.
I feel like this video is similar to the mid-match wardrobe scene in clueless where Cher chooses her outfits using her computer:P

A couple videos similar to this idea if you like the concept-

I really like Julia’s (thelineup’s) video:

Jenn’s (In the wander Years) video is a sims outfit picker also:

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