"the FIRST Souls game" — King's Field... 25 years later

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King's Field is often called "the first Souls game" by many people in the Souls community, so I decided to play it to see how it holds up 25 years later as well as to explore how it compares to Fromsoft's later Dark Souls games.


0:00 intro
1:02 first impressions
1:51 graphics
2:38 first person controls
3:50 combat
4:57 metroidvania?
6:25 fake walls
7:15 story presentation
8:04 old school freedom
8:47 a couple neat ideas
10:02 inspiration for dark souls
10:47 final boss
11:59 secrets you can miss
13:07 final thoughts
13:44 sponsor/outro

HUGE thank you to kevin's computer for the very cool animated intro and knight renders throughout the video:
thank you to Grapfic for help with the thumbnail/portal effect:
thank you to Onua for rendering the SFM poses for use in the intro/thumbnail:
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