Tuebor: I Will Defend - Dystopian Cyberpunk PvP- PvE PC Game Trailer

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Save humanity:

Post-apocalyptic Earth has been scarred by thousands of years of warfare. Once lush terrain has long ago been transformed into dystopian wasteland.

Humans have evolved, mutated and adapted by biomech technology, forced genetic shifting, and psionic powers.

Cyberpunk creatures, once human fight over the twisted landscapes of smoldering ruins that once were the pinnacle of human achievement.

Tuebor: I Will Defend, is an exciting 3rd person hero arena fighter set in the year 7235. Biomech, Mutates, Psionics, and The Pure battle in epic 6-18 player PvP, and PvE Co-op battles.

Action and adventure awaits in Tuebor's game modes:
Team Annihilation - Fast paced team deathmatch
Capture the Core - Capture the Flag with objectives
Death and Glory - Cooperative PvE
Skulll Ball - esport style future sport

More than a moba, more than a shooter, it is Tuebor!

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Available as PC Game May 2017
Lovingly created using the Unreal Engine 4:
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