WE WENT TRICK OR TREATING!!!???????????? | Happy Halloween! | Roblox Bloxburg || Cakelicious ???????

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????????????thanks for watching luscious lollipops!????????????


we literally jUST filmed this!! it was rushed thats why we were trick-pr-treating at 2am ????


Welcome to Bloxburg [BETA]:

sMaSh ThAt LiKe BuTtOn!


q: did you guys make your pfp and channel art?

a: yes we did ????????

q: what do you use to edit and film your videos?

a: we use QuickTime Player to film our videos, and Final Cut Pro to edit. if you guys want to be like us just know that QuickTime Player is only on a Mac computer and Final Cut Pro is $300 on the app store. ????????

q: can you friend me on roblox?

a: a new thing we decided to come up with is for our fans to play with us! so if you ever see a video come out saying, comment down below ur roblox username or something, that means we would like to select a fan to be in the next video!!! ????????

q: what is your roblox username?

a: our roblox users are in our about page on our channel, if you want them faster, Hailee's is: Cakepop2341, Zoe's is: ZoeDaUnicorn2 ????????


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